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The Lebanese Coast Run from North to South

- The Lebanese Coast Run from North to South for the Brave Heart Fund by Lebanese Desert Runner Ali Wehbi

- Event under the auspices of the Ministry of Sport in partnership with NOKIA and Bank Med with the participation of Brave Heart and support of Sports Experts Co. "Salomon".

- Run the coast of Lebanon from North to South for the Brave Heart Fund. The charity adventure event, which is meant to raise awareness and donations for needy children suffering from congenital heart disease, is supported by Nokia, Bank Med and Zaitunay Bay and support by Sports Experts Co. "Salomon"

The Run took place on the old coastal road in Al Arida on the Northern frontier on Friday 28, at 5:00 PM. He was accompanied during his journey by International College (IC) students and friends. The main stop for assessment during the run were in Beirut, at mid point between North and South, at Zaitunay Bay, Beirut Marina, where Ali arrived on Saturday 29 at 11:00 AM.
Previous and later stops were in Tripoli, Jounieh, Saida and Sour, the latter near in the rest house, tyre at around 10:00 PM on the same day, total time took him 29.29.46 for a 200km.

Ali Wehbi, a 41-year old Lebanese ultra-marathon runner, passionately trains ten times a week. Although he began his love affair with running 23 years ago, “It was not until I lost my mother to a battle with a sickness that I begun to question my desires and lifestyle; so I began my quest to become an elite athlete in the world’s most difficult races for a charitable initiative, namely the Brave Heart Fund,” says Ali. He adds “I run this "race" in order to increase awareness among youth and prove to them that nothing is impossible.”

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